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Jubiläums-Schlussfahrt 2017
1.Mai 2012: Jubiläums-Rallye
1.Mai 2007: Jubiläums-Rallye
Jubiläums-Schlussfahrt 2007

This is one of the earliest pictures from my first GoldWing (77) - it was red when a bought it and silver when I first rode it: The fairing is from Krauser/Germany which was very common in the first days. Later on, everybody bought bigger fairing like Windjammer or Shoei. My second fairing was distributed by Honda England.

This picture shows the first international GoldWing-gathering in Holland - the first ever held in Europe in May 1978: I was the only rider from Switzerland  This picture shows the first international GoldWing-gathering in Germy held in June 1978   This picture shows the first international GoldWing-gathering in Switzerland, lake of Lungern held in September 1978  

The first vacation with my girl-friend Luzia (later we married) was the trip around Portugal and Spain in 1978. In Malaga we met our friends Hans and Chrigi and spend on the camp site a very nice holiday at the strand of the mediteranian sea. This round trip ended on the ferry boat which brought us back to Geneva in Italie. In only 5 1/2 hours we have ridden back home to Switzerland. This have been the holidays I was the most recovered after that long trip.

In the second year we went to the most north point in Europe, the North Cape in Norway, in 1979. We spent 7 and a half week, most of the time in Norway: The distances we made was from home to home 10'333 kms! The way back, 5'500 we drove in 5 and a half day - one day we have driven 1392 kms from Stockholm to Hessen in Germany! After these days we have been ready to go in vacation ...

1980 The year of the European Treffens

In 1980 I was driving taxi in the same company where Luzia was picking up the phone calls: The good things have been, that we have been working 10 days together and after 4 days off - that allows us to visit all Treffens in Europe, starting in Belgium, Holland, Germany, England, France, Denmark and Sweden. In Switzerland I was organizing the third international Treffen in Wallis, visiting on a journey the well known Zermatt and Matterhorn!

In 1981 we flew first time the the USA: 18 GoldWingers from all over Europe flew from Heathrow/England to Vancouver Canada. From there we drove down the west coast to San Diego, then to Phoenix to visit the WING DING'81. Then we drove back to LAs Vegas, San Franciso and then back to Canada. The trip was about 7'000 kms in the USA.

1983: 5 years GoldWing Club Switzerland

Visit the Dutch GoldWing-Treffen in 1984

1984: First trip to the «Isle of Man»

Meeting of all people coming from Switzerland

1985: On February 6 I picked up my new Aspancade

1986: 44'000 kms through 30 US-states

In 1986 it was THE TIME: My girl friend Luzia (later my wife and now the ex-wife) and I started on May 20 in Frankfurt, flew to Toronta and after a 3 1/2-days-ride we landed in Florida. There we spent nearly 6 weeks, after visiting some rallyes and friends in Louisana and Texas.
It was in July, when we had our only fixed date on the whole trip: WING DING in Santa Barabara (California) on July . After that we rode up to the Expo'86 in Vancover and drove back through a lot of parcs, back to San Diego, where we picked up Luzia's new Limited Edition-1200-GoldWing. So we rode back to the South-east, later on to the Honda faxtory in Marysville/Ohio, before we left Toronto: The two machines were sitting in the freight room of the 747-Jumbo, opperated by Wardair. It was Oct 26 when we landed in Frankfurt: A trip of 44'000 kms on my Aspencade GoldWing.
Mehr dazu findest Du hier [2'080 KB]

The Trip of a life-time

To take an american GoldWing back home ...

... turned out to be a real battle: This motorcycle didn't come to Europe and so I had to go through all tests to immatriculate it in Switzerland: Emission, noise etc. But it was it worth! Luzia was driving 7'000 miles in the states, then we have it driven on many trips, but it was a real hough bike for such a small woman. So, in 2003, when we got in divorce, it was clear that I would it take over (after driving it from 2000, when I droped my Aspencade on the race-track in the rain and it was repaired by a good friend with used parts) and from the money Luzia bought a brandnew Honda Transalp XL650. In Switzerland, as I know, there are only 3 Limiteds and probably a douzen Special Edition (year 1986-model)

On our trip in 1986 we bought another GoldWing, Model 85 Limited Edition. This bike was not exportet, so it is one of a kind in Switzerland! Since 2003, we are in divorce (but still good friends) it is my third 4-cylindre-GoldWing

1988 First test for MOTORRAD what a chance!

In spring 1988 I got a phone call from the german motorcycle magazine «MOTORRAD», if I would have time to drive the first test-ride of the new 6-cylinder GL1500: Wow, what an honour! The raison they asked ne was a 12 page-report of the GoldWing-history in 1987, asking them, if they are interested in the story of our 5 month-trip. The trip itself was 1 1/2 page of the whole article. The test-ride took as to Belgium to take some pictures and Luzia like me rode probably 600 kms in 2 days to get in contact with the new fascinating six-flat.

1990 Third trip to the USA: Safety Conference

In automn 1990 I had a speach about the swiss motorcycle-licening system of motorcycle riders. We picked up two GL1500 in Phoenix and rode down the 5'500 kms to Orlando in a few days. We visited on our trip the same people we met on our 5-month-trip of a life-time in 1986. After the conference we took the two GoldWings back to Germany, the owner was our friend Werner Kiefer of «BigBikeTours», specialized in these days for buying Wings on the US and imatriculating them in Germany: It was a part of his business.

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